Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thank You Note Meditation

Dear Blog Followers,

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Now, finally, the BLOG post!

I remember when I was a child I used to think writing thank you notes was a chore. As a teenager I thought it was a tradition that dated back to days of "formality" between people. As an adult I lost track of making sure I wrote thank you notes for everything. I would write them now and then, I would write them when I was inspired. I would say thank you. But it was only when I realized the real medatative worth and the depth that thank you notes have that I became a "thank you note" fan.

* Note - I am talking about hand-written thank you notes - not e-mail thank you's or E-cards.

Here are some of the things that made me a fan:

1. We often don't realize how good our life is or how thankful we are unless we take time to reflect on that daily. A daily meditation is good, and taking the time to write a thank you note is a good meditation for those who prefer active meditations. To write a thank you note you must first find the paper, choose a note or make a hand-made card, find a place to write, think about what you want to write, and then write about what you are thankful for. This entire process causes you to meditate on this positive thing that has happened in your life (be it a physical, emotional or spiritual gift).

2. In today's world children often don't realize how lucky they are. Having dishwashers, TVs, computers and hot running water have all become commonplace in the American household. Many items we purchase are disposible (even if they are recycled they are still being disposed of in some way), and and sometimes, if something breaks we have to buy a new one. I recently took an electronic iriscope to the repair shop. They informed me that nobody could repair it because there were too many small wires in the cord. This can make children develop an attitude of "just buy a new one" or "there is more of that where this one came from" or "this is not good enough...give me more." Writing thank you notes is a good way to allow children the experience of reflecting on what they have been given in life. By taking the time to write a note they are recognizing and reflecting on the effort, thought and cost that went into their gift.

3. Writing thank you notes can also be an RAOK (Random Act of Kindness). How about writing a thank you note to the person who served you well at the cafe? Or to the Sunday School teacher who volunteer's their time each week? Or to someone who inspires you? Or to a friend who took care of your child when you were ill? Many people are surprised and cheered by such small notes. They are so rare in today's world that they mean even more than they used to.

Sit down right now and think of one person you could write a thank you note to. Make a promise to yourself that you will send it out this week in the mail.

Blessings & Health,